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SME and Retail Segment Loans (Bank's Product Paper Based Loans)

Bank extends easy, affordable and hassle free financing options to targeted Small and Medium Sized business and general individual, households involved in Agriculture to other business & commercial activities based on their eligibility criterion to meet specific short and long term financing requirements against the securities of mortgage and other types of assets through arrays of specifically designed packaged loan products as follows:

  1. NCC- Home Loans
  2. NCC – Vehicle loan
  3. NCC- Commercial Hire Purchase loans
  4. NCC- Education loans
  5. NCC – Professional Loan
  6. NCC- Krishi Tatha Laghu Uddhami Karja
  7. NCC- Foreign Employment loan
  8. NCC – Saral Karja (Overdraft and Term loans) (Both Personal and Business)
  9. NCC- Small Agriculture Loan
  10. NCC- Small Business Loan

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