• US Dollar 1 Buying 110.10 Selling 110.70
  • Great Brt. Pound 1 Buying 142.57 Selling 144.36
  • Euro 1 Buying 127.59 Selling 129.18
  • Australian Dollar 1 Buying 80.637 Selling 81.645
  • Canadian Dollar 1 Buying 82.564 Selling 83.596
  • Japanese Yen 10 Buying 9.7399 Selling 9.8617
  • Singapore Dollar 1 Buying 79.771 Selling 80.768
  • Swiss Franc 1 Buying 109.07 Selling 110.43
  • Chinese Yuan * 1 Buying 15.917 Selling 16.116
  • Indian Rupees 1 Buying 1.6000 Selling 1.6015
  • Qatari Riyal 1 Buying 29.660 Selling 30.031
  • Saudi Arabian Riyal 1 Buying 28.819 Selling 29.179
  • Thai Baht 1 Buying 3.2807 Selling 3.3217
  • Malaysian Ringgit 1 Buying 26.613 Selling 26.946
  • UnitedArabEmirates 1 Buying 29.411 Selling 29.778
  • South Korean Won 100 Buying 9.6865 Selling 9.8076
  • Danish Kroners 1 Buying 16.946 Selling 17.158
  • Hong Kong Dollars 1 Buying 13.851 Selling 14.024
  • Swedish Kroner 1 Buying 12.218 Selling 12.371
  • Kuwati Dinar 1 Buying 355.96 Selling 360.41
  • Bahrain Dinar 1 Buying 284.34 Selling 287.90

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NCC Visa Debit Card

NCC VISA Debit Card can be used in any of the ATMs and POS machines displaying VISA Logo for cash withdrawal, balance enquiry or purchase of goods & services from various merchants like departmental stores, hospitals, retail shops etc throughout Nepal and India only.
NCC VISA Debit card will be under the shared service network of Nepal investment Bank Ltd. with effective from live dates Saturday, July 6, 2013. With NCC VISA Debit Card one can access one's account 24-hours a day, 7 days a week and enjoy greater convenience to facilitate one's banking and financial needs.

S.N Particulars Transaction Limit Amount (NPR.) in Nepal Transaction Limit Amount (INR.) in India.
1 Maximum Cash Withdrawal Amount per Transaction 16,000.00 10,000.00
2 Maximum Cash Withdrawal Amount per Day 50,000.00 10,000.00
3 Maximum Cash Withdrawal  Amount per Month 4,00,000.00 1,00,000.00
S.N Particulars Transaction Limit Amount (NPR.) in Nepal Transaction Limit Amount (INR.) in India
1 Maximum  Amount per POS Transaction 1,00,000.00 62,500.00
2 Maximum POS Transaction Amount per Day 1,00,000.00 62,500.00
3 Maximum POS Transaction Amount per Month 4,00,000.00 2,50,000.00
# Total Daily Count (Purchase+ Cash Transactions): 10 Times a Day applicable to both Nepal And India for NCC VISA Debit Card Transactions.
# Mini Statement (Last 5 Transactions) Charge: NPR.5.00 through use of NCC VISA Debit Card at NIBL/NIBL Member Bank’s/NPN ATMs but with free of charge for Mini Statement by use of NCC VISA Debit card at NCC ATMs.
# NCC VISA Debit Card can be used at any VISA card Acceptable ATMs and POS machine of Banks & Financial Institutions in Nepal and India only.
# POS (Point of Sales) is used for purchase of goods and services through the use of card without any charge.
# NIBL(Nepal Investment Bank Ltd.) is the Principal Member of the VISA through which Nepal Credit & Commerce Bank Ltd. has got VISA Associate Membership from VISA and has sharing their Network for Card Transactions.
# NPN (National Payment Network) is a network of NIBL which facilities aspiring financial institutions to issue & acquire National brand of Debit, Credit & Prepaid Cards and connecting together of NIBL and its member banks & Financial Institutions through their financial switching system along with banking host to facilitate card transaction through ATM & POS for cash withdrawal/balance enquiry and purchase of goods/ services respectively.
# NCC VISA Debit Card’s Issuance/Annual/renewal or other charges are as per the existing NCC Bank’s Standard Tariff and if any amendment in charges occurred then amended charges will be notified immediately.
  NCC VISA Debit Card can be used at any of following NIBL/NIBL Member Bank’s ATMs/POS:-
I Principal Member 
  Nepal Investment Bank
II.  VISA Associate Members
Rastriya Banijya Bank Limited
Global IME Bank Limited
Kumari Bank Limited
Sanima Bank Limited 
NCC Bank Limited
Century Commercial Bank Limited 
Mega Bank Nepal Limited
Yeti Development Bank Limited 
Tourism Development Bank Limited 
   III. National Payment Network Members
United Finance Limited. 
Muktinath Development Bank Limited. 
Garima Bikash Bank Limited.
Sewa Bikas Bank Limited 
Synergy Finance Limited
Mission Development Bank Limited 
Nepal Industrial Development Corporation Limited 
Tinau Bikash Bank Limited 
Guheshwori Merchant Banking and Finance Limited
Civil Bank Limited 
Lumbini Bikash Bank Limited
Prabhu Tech