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Loan Against Govt. Bonds

Nepal Rastra Bank issues securities in the form of National Saving Bonds, Treasury Bills and Development Bonds. Treasury bills are generally subscribed by the financial institutions both banking and non-banking on bid whereas development bonds are subscribed by the individual and institutional buyers. Saving bonds are issued by Nepal Rastra Bank are also for subscription by the general public. All these securities are safe and easily realizable. Their prices do not fluctuates and ready market exits for them. Saving bonds like other government securities bear the fixed rate of interest. Interest on saving bonds are paid on half-yearly basis through financial institutions.
Government securities may be in the form of inscribed stock of promissory note. Inscribed stock consists of securities issued by the Government in the name of the owner of the stock in the books of Nepal Rastra Bank. These certificates contain particular viz. name of the owner, amount, rate of interest, expiry date, etc.  

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